Electrical Installation Certificate: Carlisle, Cumbria and South West Scotland

Making sure that any new electrical appliance that is installed in your Building is working correctly and safely is vital to making sure that there is no chance of an electrical hazard being created.

At Wykes Group Ltd in Carlisle, Cumbria, we can complete any new electrical installation and provide you with an Electrical Installation Certificate to confirm that the installation has been completed and tested by a professional electrician.

An Electrical Installation Certificate is a legal requirement for any new electrical installation. This way you can be guaranteed that the installation is working properly and in a safe manner. Electrical Installation Certificates can be given to any new electrical installation that has been completed.

At Wykes Group Ltd, we can complete any electrical installation and then provide you with the Electrical Installation Certificate.


For a professional domestic, commercial or Industrial electrician in Carlisle, Cumbria or South West Scotland, give Wykes Group Ltd a call on 01228 380845 or visit our contact page and submit an enquiry, we will be more than willing to help.