Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation in Carlisle, Cumbria and South West Scotland

Within the domestic environment, smoke alarm installations are one of the most important.

We have intensive knowledge of all types of smoke alarms and heat alarms and can offer advice as to which heat or smoke alarm is best for your property. Wykes Group ltd can install various brands, however as a part of our product criteria of high quality, proven products, ‘Aico’ is our preferred supplier for heat and smoke alarms.

The most commonly used smoke or heat alarms in domestic properties are mains powered alarms with battery back-up. They require a constant 230v supply, which can be from its own designated circuit or from a nearby lighting circuit, this should then be interlinked to every additional smoke/heat detector in the property, which if in the event of a fire all devices will sound together. This type of setup is known as Grade D and E, with Grade F being used for battery powered alarms. Mains powered smoke/heat alarms should be installed by a qualified electrician, with a NICEIC certificate being issued. This ensures that your smoke alarm installation is safe and effective.


Wykes Group Ltd install smoke and heat alarms in Carlisle, Cumbria and South West Scotland. If you need help with SMOKE DETECTION or want a FREE on-site quotation then please contact us today on 01228 380845 or visit our contact page and submit an enquiry, we will be more than willing to help.