Electric Radiator Installers near me, Carlisle, Cumbria & South West Scotland

Electric radiators boast everything from high-tech WiFi controlled heaters, to traditional models that wouldn’t look out of place next to central heating. Choose from wall mounted, vertical and portable electric radiators, as well as heaters with thermal fluid or dry elements. Whatever solution you’re looking for, we can provide products that emphasise convenience and controllability, offering full 24/7 programming and precision thermostats for easy heat management. Elegant, slimline and energy-efficient, electric radiators make outstanding additions to any interior space, whether it’s for conservatory heating or for effective warmth in hallways and landings.

Electric Radiators are much cheaper to install than gas central heating systems as they don't require pipework or a flue. With very few moving parts, storage heaters require very little maintenance and don’t need to be serviced annually. Unlike gas, mains electricity is available almost everywhere in the UK.


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Underfloor Heating Installation in Carlisle, Cumbria and South West Scotland

Underfloor Heating Mat

What project is an Underfloor Heating Mat designed for?

Underfloor Heating Mat is ideal for installations within regularly shaped areas, where the 0.5m wide mats can be quickly rolled out across the floor in parallel runs.

If you intend on using vinyl, carpet, timber, tiles or any other underfloor heating compatible floor finish, the system can (and should, in some cases like for carpet) be embedded within a self-levelling compound to provide a flat and level floor surface to lay over.

Add a touch of luxury to your home by fitting underfloor heating - perfect for taking the chill off cold tiled floors. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, en suites or  conservatories, under-tile heating provides radiant heat across the entire floor area, providing a feeling of warmth and comfort throughout the room.