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Fire alarms are an essential for domestic and commercial buildings.  They save thousands of lives each year so it’s absolutely crucial that they are installed and repaired properly.

With extensive industry experience, our team will advise you on the most suitable solution whether you’re upgrading an existing system or installing a brand new one.

Our service also extends to the regular servicing and testing of your new alarms as well as any existing alarm systems; a legal requirement every six months in line with BS5839. Such regular maintenance ensures your alarms are in full working order at all times and are ready for use day or night should a fire occur.


Wykes-Group Ltd design and install fire and smoke alarms in Carlisle, Cumbria and South West Scotland. If you need help with exterior lighting or want a FREE on-site quotation then please contact us today on 01228 380845 or visit our contact page and submit an enquiry, we will be more than willing to help.

Fire and Smoke Alarm Installer in Carlisle, Cumbria

Fire Alarm Safety for Restaurants

Commercial catering installations require special consideration at the design stage. Most fire systems within restaurants act as the nucleus for all other fundamental operations such as: plant, ventilation that are interfaced to the fire alarm system.

The environment within commercial kitchens, unlike others, is subject to the build-up of grease and dust particles. This can severely affect its operation and if not designed correctly can give rise to nuisance activation of the system usually during the busiest and most inconvenient periods.

Good design will overcome much of the above and the beauty of good design is….it doesn’t cost a penny, it comes free as a result of years of experience working in the field and resolving issues caused by some basic errors made by less experienced contractors.

Fire Alarm Safety for Schools

Schools pose particular risks of fire safety in particular that of arson and so it is essential that such systems afford full automatic detection to an Grade A LD1 Standard and preferably with 24hrs monitoring provided by a dedicated automatic receiving centre.

We understand that continual alterations to classrooms can have a dramatic effect on the efficacy of any legacy fire alarm system. As your retained contractor, we can ensure that all alterations & amendments are completed in full compliance with the appropriate standard.

Special considerations need to be made when designing & maintaining fire detection systems within open areas that have multi uses in a school such as gymnasiums and theatre halls. Our experience allows us to take additional measures to eliminate the unwanted activation of the fire alarm system for example during performances with theatrical smoke without compromising the systems operational status.

Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

HMOs present particular issues for fire alarm contractors and can involve a wide range of issues for landlords in terms of compliance with the Housing Act 2006.

From the design, installation & maintenance we have been delivering cost effective solutions for our varied clients over the past few years. With all relevant accreditation required we should be your first-choice fire alarm contractors for specialist electrical services.

Hotel Fire Alarm System

As the owner or manager of a hotel you may be familiar with the likely financial cost and loss in reputation that can arise as a result of false fire alarms.

We service a wide range of hotels within Cumbria and the Lakes.

Fire Alarm Service Contracts start from £180.00 per annum and are tailored to suit individual clients needs.

Our service is consultative so, whether at the early stages of refurbishing an existing or construction of a new hotel, we can assist your team on the process of design, installation and maintenance. We can also help with the training of your appointed Responsible Person in both the use critical systems and evacuation procedures and firefighting.

Need a fire alarm system quickly but are running at near full occupancy levels? why not consider a wireless fire alarm system. They’re quick to install with little or no intrusion on guests, call us now for your free on-site survey and written quotation: 01228 380845